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Partners to End Poverty is an initiative led by the Northeast Regional Intersectoral Committee and supported by intersectoral partners of the RIC, non-profit organizations, faith communities, and business.  Our vision is poverty free communities in northeast Saskatchewan.  Our mission is to create conditions to enable all people in northeast Saskatchewan to actively participate in economic and social life and enjoy a livelihood that will sustain well-being.

We believe that poverty is not inevitable and everyone is better off if we address poverty, but a strategic and coordinated effort is required.  Ending poverty is complex and requires a holistic, multifaceted approach.  Goals of Partners to End Poverty are:  to increase awareness of poverty and approaches to end poverty, to build partnerships, and to work with communities to address priority areas.  Participant input at the Partnering to End Poverty forum, in Tisdale on October 16, 2014, identified four priority areas:  housing, transportation, literacy, and inclusion.
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Partnering to End Poverty Forum 
The Northeast Regional Intersectoral Committee and the Poverty Reduction Task Force hosted Partnering to End Poverty forum in Tisdale October 16, 2014 utilizing a community grant from the Community Initiatives Fund

Partnerships to End Poverty Forum Report includes a summary of the October16, 2014 forum and the information gathered from the participants during the Station Talks exercise.
Please view the power point presentations from the Saskatoon Health Region and the Northeast Poverty Reduction Task Force.

Poverty Awareness Workshops

The Poverty Reduction Task Force, Northeast Regional Intersectoral Committee & Nipawin KidsFirst hosted workshops in Nipawin on March 20, 2014 and Melfort on March 21, 2014. Thirty –eight people attended. 

A team from Saskatoon including people who have lived in poverty and Saskatoon Health Region staff facilitated  the workshop. The Poverty Awareness Workshop was developed in partnership by the Saskatoon Anti-poverty Coalition and Saskatoon Health Region – Public Health Services.  The workshop is based on “The Poverty Game” (1980) from British Columbia. The goal of the Poverty Awareness Workshop is to provide an intense and guided experience in which participants touch the reality of people living in poverty.

Northeast RIC News
The Northeast RIC Updates highlight a few of the regional and community activities. These reports are submitted to and reviewed by the Senior Inter- Ministry Steering Committee (SIMS).

Interagency Meetings 

Hudson Bay Interagency
Meetings generally held the 3rd Tuesday  September, November , March,  May,1:00 pm at Brooks Hall

Melfort Interagency
Meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday September ; November;  January;  March;  May, at 10 am, Melfort Provincial Building Board Room

Tisdale Interagency
Meetings  generally held  September, January  and May at the Tisdale RECplex

Committee meetings

Northeast Regional Intersectoral Committee:
Meeting dates for 2015 – 2016: May 7, 2015; September 10, 2015; October 29, 2015,; January 7, 2016,March 10, 2016;  May 12, 2016

Nipawin Integrated Services committee: 
Meetings are scheduled  the 2nd Tuesday: September; November;  January;  April; June

Melfort District Planning:  September,  November, January, April, June - TBD


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