Goals & Priorities

The Northeast Regional Intersectoral Committee, regional partners and communities work to develop intersectoral strategies, to reduce barriers and improve integrated services and supports for children and families. The Northeast RIC priorities and work plan align with the Saskatchewan Child and Family Agenda.

  • Children get a good start in life
  • Youth are prepared for the future
  • Families are strong
  • Communities are supportive

The Northeast Regional Intersectoral Committee in partnership with the Senior Inter-Ministry Steering Committee, Interagency Committees and communities:

  • Encourages collaboration, integrated approaches and partnerships
  • Facilitates and supports community and interagency development.
  • Coordinates various needs assessment
  • Develops action plans that address regional and provincial priorities
  • Develops a communication network with agencies, committees, communities and the Senior Inter-Ministry Steering Committee
  • Communicates grant opportunities to community partners
  • Acts as a liaison with individuals and organizations to enhance relationships, develop strategic partnerships and maximize communication

Government of Saskatchewan and the RICSIn April 2013 the Government announced that the Cabinet Committee on Children and Youth (2010)was refocusing its efforts to respond to the important issues facing Saskatchewan children, youth and families and to support the goal so the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth. The Child and Youth Agenda was renamed the “Child and Family Agenda”. The Cabinet Committee currently consists of the Social Services Minister Donna Harpauer, Co- chair; MLA, June Draude, Co-chair; Education Minister Don Morgan; Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant; Minister responsible for Corrections and Policing Christine Tell; Health Minister Dustin Duncan and MLA Russ Marchuk. For a progress report on the Saskatchewan Child and Family Agenda link to: http://www.finance.gov.sk.ca/budget2014-15/SSbackgrounder-SCYAprogressMarch2014.pdf

The Senior Inter- Ministry Steering (SIMS) Committee is a collaborative senior officials table, reporting on the Saskatchewan Child and Family Agenda (SCFA) targets, goals and stakeholder engagement to the Deputy Ministers Committee on Child and Family. The SIMS Committee focus is Saskatchewan’s government-wide strategies under the SCFA. The intent of the SCFA is to reduce barriers and improve integrated services and supports for children, youth and families and those living in vulnerable circumstances. SIMS engages in strategic communication with the Regional Intersectoral Committees (RICs) to align common regional and provincial work , and responds to the identification of gaps and overlaps in human services and programs within the regions of each RIC. 

 (Source: SIMS Terms of Reference July 2013.  Province Renames Child and Youth Agenda News Release:http://www.gov.sk.ca/news?newsId=d8b71c1d-fdf5-4774-9383-b3458c9784b4) 

The following outlines the challenges and lead ministries of the Child and Family Agenda.  The Northeast RIC work plan connects and contributes to this agenda.




Children get a good start in life

School readiness, literacy and parenting


Youth are prepared for their future

Graduation rates, absenteeism


Families are strong

Mental health, addictions, parenting

Health, Social Services

Communities are supportive

Interagency cooperation and communication

Justice, Corrections

 The ten (10) Regional Intersectoral Committees (RICs), each supported by a RIC Coordinator, are located throughout the province of Saskatchewan and linked to the SIMS Committee. The SIMS Committee and the RICs are forums for critical analysis of complex issues, integrated decision making and resource allocation.  The RIC is a coordinating link for human service leaders within a designated region to develop and communicate indicators, shared priorities, evaluation frameworks and outcomes. Provincial and regional intersectoral work mobilizes communities and human service organizations by reducing barriers, addressing difficult social issues, rallying resources and improving integrated services and supports for children, youth and families, those at risk or living in vulnerable circumstances.


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