Grants Available

Community Initiatives Fund Community Grant Program 

To access guidelines and applications for the Community Initiatives Fund Community Grant programs please go to:

Community Grant Program

  • Annual Due: October 1, April 1
  • Summer Due: February 1

Other Grants Available

This grant inventory created in 2014 list 50 sources for grant funding for Saskatchewan / Canadian organizations.
( PDF SKCAN Grant Inventory 2014)

Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association publishes a grant opportunities booklet.
Employment and Social Development Canada


The Saskatchewan Literacy Network publishes a 20 page document listing Canadian and Saskatchewan sources for literacy funding.

Saskatchewan Housing Corporation ( SHC)

Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) provides funding for housing programs and services for low-to-moderate income households and sometimes landlords (with an identified need). Assistance may be in the form of a grant, forgivable or repayable loan. Programs include:

  • social and affordable rental housing,
  • home renovations,
  • repairs and energy retrofit programs,
  • home adaptations programs,
  • supports to independent living for seniors, and
  • homeownership options.  

Information and links to applications are available at:


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